Coming soon: a return to the Gobi, new dino illustrations, and historical archives

The summer of 2016 is shaping up for the Flaming Cliffs project. Three exciting developments are in the works:

  1. The Moveable Museum is hoping to return to the Gobi this September. Last summer’s trip was a huge success and if all goes well, we can take the museum to even more kids to teach them about science and the fossil heritage of Mongolia.
  2. We’re partnering with paleoillustrator Emily Willoughby for the illustrations of dinosaurs and other animals that were fossilized in the Flaming Cliffs. Keep an eye out for the first four dinosaur illustrations on this website in the coming weeks. The awesome Velociraptor painting at the head of this post is her work. Check out more of her art at
  3. The American Museum of Natural History has the original archives from the famous Andrews expeditions to the Flaming Cliffs in the 1920s, and we’re hoping to get them all digitized and uploaded to this website later this summer.

While we’re busy planning all this and working out the logistics, there’s one missing piece to make it all happen: funding. So how can you help? Glad you asked! We’re organizing a new crowdfunding campaign that will be live in a few weeks and you contribute. Perks for contributors will include some cool items featuring Emily’s beautiful illustrations of Velociraptor, Protoceratops, Oviraptor and Pinacosaurus, plus a few other surprises. Check back soon!

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