To visit the Flaming Cliffs, contact one of the organizations that conducts tours here. We cannot currently organize tours of any kind from this website.

If you plan to visit the Flaming Cliffs, here is what you need to know:

Approach the fossil area on foot only. Cars destroy fossils. Plus, cars move too fast to let you spot fossils in the first place, so even if someone offers to drive you to a fossil location, you have an excuse to politely say no. Pack a lunch, put on your sunscreen, and make it a nice hike instead – you’ll see more and avoid wrecking Mongolia’s cultural heritage.

Pack all of your trash with you when you leave, just as you would at any national, state or provincial park in any country. Help keep the Flaming Cliffs nice for the next visitors.

Resist the temptation to leave your permanent mark on the cliffs – graffiti is also illegal and not as appreciated by those who come after you as you might think. No paint, markers, carvings, crayons, or neo-classical relief sculpture, no matter how artistic, are allowed on the rocks. We recommend taking a selfie instead.

What to do if you find a fossil:

  1. Leave it alone. Removing fossils without a permit is illegal. Fossils lose scientific context and easily be destroyed if moved or even touched. Take a photo instead, which can be enjoyed and shared without worrying about prosecution, bad karma, or ruining a paleontologist’s dissertation.
  2. Notify the local officials of Umnugovi Province. (This is the law.) 
  3. Notify the Institute for the Study of Mongolian Dinosaurs. We’re the folks who made this website. It’s our mission to protect the Flaming Cliffs fossils so that everyone can enjoy and learn from them.We also love hearing your stories and seeing the photos that visitors take at the Flaming Cliffs. If you are sharing the location of a fossil, please email it to us directly instead of sharing it on social media, since poachers can use social media to find it before we have a chance to excavate it. Use our Contact Form.